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Step 1. Register your .US domain name

This is how to do it

1 . Register your domain name

Right now a .us domain name is on sale for an annual fee of 3.99 (that's .019315 cent per day). Two pennies a day.

Why isn't the domain name free?

Companies that "give you free domain names" keep them. If you register your own domain name, it will be yours as long as you pay the annual fee to keep it. We believe in full disclosure.

After you registered your domain name "" or whatever, go to Step 2, to sign up for your email account.

The registration process is pretty simple. You do not have to be computer nerd to understand it. So, go do it. Just

make sure you retain your account number and password after the registration

. Yes, please, write it down. Remeber, paper...

2 . Fill out the form AFTER you regitered your .us (or any other that you might have found) domain name.

That's it. We'll have your email server ready in 24 hours. We will send you an email (to your old, no longer sexy) email address.

By the way

If you are attached to your old email address, note that you can request to have all your @.US mail forwarded to it. This way you will be able to proudly display and distribute your @.US address and still have the comfort of getting everything sent to you at the same place where you are familiar with receiving your email.

Oh, and is still available (we lied...) if you want it.


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