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Mobile Internet use will continue to surge over the next five years, at a rate of 66 percent each year, as the world gets its hands on more mobile devices and more machines are connected to each other and the Web, according to a report by Cisco released on February 4th.

In fact, connected devices will outnumber humans this year, according to the annual Visual Networking Index report.

And people will use their mobile devices more than home computers to access the Internet.

In five years, Cisco said mobile data traffic will outgrow global land-line data traffic by three times.

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Why do you need a Mobile enhaced Website?

  • If your website is not designed for mobile devices, mobile users will pass you by.
  • Mobile device users want a quick display of your site with just the essentials of what is on your regular website.
  • We offer a cost effective, conversion or rebuild of your existing website to a Mobile WEBSITE.
  • Capitola Works' Mobile Website is the same as the normal website. This website is "mobile enhanced". We can create and add a mobile website to your current site and leave it in tact. Or, if you are ready for a "re-do", we create you a mobile enhanced website like this one.
  • Mobile Sites  =  simplify, simplify!

    A mobile website is not a replication of your existing site; instead, it's a streamlined version of it. We will place the most relevant and sought-after information on your mobile site. For example, if you own a restaurant you'll want your mobile website to display your hours, menu and location. (Many smart phones will automatically provide navigation based on address making it much easier for customers to find you). While your full website may include pictures of your restaurant, a profile of the owner and other highlights, this content could distract or even frustrate your potential customer causing them to look elsewhere.

    Mobile vs. Regular Websites

  • When mobile users land on a FLASH WEBSITE using Apple or Android mobile devices all the viewer sees is a large black hole, and if FLASH is controlling your website's menu navigation those Apple and Android mobile users will not be able to view your website pages.
  • If your website contains FLASH functionality, then those FLASH portions will not display on any Apple or Android mobile devices.
  • Most often FLASH is utilized on websites to display large animated slide shows, galleries and to activate menu navigation.
  • A lot of videos on sites are also in the Flash format. We can convert them to HTML5 videos that will play on all Mobile Devices.


    Featured work.

    The Law Offices of Sean Musgrove

    Folsom attorney and friend. If you need a lawyer, he is the one to call!

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    Our most recent client. Transported his established website tou our servers and morphed it to a mobile site.

    The mobile site is a simplified version of the desktop website. Mobile users have even less patience than desktop users. :-)

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    New Mobile Enhanced Website

    This site is designed from beginning to end to be displayed by ALL devices, including PC's. The user will see the same information on the various devices. However the content is formatted to individual device

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    Wealth management, legal client's website

    Web design/Frontend Development - Mobile Enhanced website

    2014 design that simplified the client's previous website and also made it mobile friendly. Mobile phone users are able to touch and call the client right from their phone.

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    Older PC site left in tact - new mobile site added

    When a user accesses this website they will be automatically routed to the mobile site. The mobile site is an abbreviated version of the normal website.

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    Cheryl Tiburzi, professional singer in the Sacramento area.

    Web design/Font end Development - Mobile Enhanced Site

    The HOME page is entirely Flash. Completely invisible to mobile devices. We retained the original website for PC users and added a mobile version of it.

    View the live site!

    Mobile device use is quickly outpacing desktop and laptop computer use. Therefore, it is imperative that your website is enhanced for mobile users. All our new websites are mobile enhanced and we offer a service to convert your current site to a mobile site. Watch the video for more!

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